Friday, April 12, 2013

So, what's on this blog and why call it La Maison de Fifi...

For those who may come across this blog, there will be a lot of art pages done by me, some for designers for whom I create pages featuring their latest creative kits, that means I am a CT member, part of a creative team.  It's always fun to see what one can do with new kits and different styles!  A challenge so to speak.  I am on 7 can be a bit daunting at times, but enervating at the same time.  My designing divas are all wondrous women with amazing talent.  

You may also run across some of my favorite pages featuring family, friends, vacations, whatever!  Possibly a bit of art journaling, 'cause my digiscrapartisty helps me with all the ups and downs of this evolving world.  

And what is this French thing???  Well, i've always been something of a Francophile, especially after becoming a bona fide French teacher.  And...there is a bit of a French connection through Napoleon and Josephine and later on the Frenchman who became a Swedish king, Carl Gustave XVI.  But that's a different story.  I've been to France twice, Paris, the chateau country and Nice on the Mediterranean.
Both were delightful trips, oh so many fabulous memories and fine "Kodak" moments!  People say the French are not friendly, but I found very little evidence of that, maybe because I tried my best to use my French.  So anyway, voila La Maison de Fifi.  

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