Sunday, March 24, 2013

Testing testing

This blog is a work in progress. Here you will see my terrific talent in creating digital art pages, and maybe some more about me and my life...hmmm, I don't know about terrific talent, but many thanks to the lovely Amanda for her kind words and help setting this up!

If you look below you will see an absolutely "ab fab" mega kit, The Bride's Attic,  Seven Designers teamed up to create The Bride's Attic Artistic Alliance Collab Kit available exclusively at the Outside The Box Design Studio Shoppe, and The Bride's Attic Artistic Alliance Blog Train loaded with extra yummy goodies!  

This is a real learning experience for me, we'll soon see if an "old dog" can learn new tricks, kind of
scary!  My extra for the blog train is a set of 6 freeform borders colored to match 6 of The Bride's Attic
palette colors.  Here is the link:  Hope you enjoy them!