Monday, April 22, 2013

A FEW NEW THINGS, Crystal Rain & Crowabout StudioB

Totally quirky and fabulously fun, you can go traditional, have fun with kids, or just put
something cool and creative together for art's sake.  Mine features my granddaughter, Jordyn,
many years ago.... Playing with Plasticine.

and...Brand NEW, from Nancy Baumiller and Crowabout Studio B, 2 goodies,
Houses and Tags

The Christmas colors got to me for the first one.
The second is a kind of homage for my anniversary, tomorrow, April 23.
How many years?   I won't tell!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Bride's more time, "Victorian Vignette"

This page kit from OTBDS and the Artistic Alliance was just too much fun and I really loved the images of the Victorian ladies, hence, a purple collage, just for fun!

The Phoenix
Why I connect with it

I have this "thing" about images of the phoenix.  I think of it as my symbol,  mostly because
I've survived a lot the last 6 or 7 years, but especially because I made it through our house
fire in February of 2008 and the horrific demise of our youngest daughter, Kira, by her evil
spouse on June 27, 2007.   Both of these moments are frozen into my consciousness, and it's
true, I sometimes perseverate, but I can never, ever forget.  I can move on, out from under 
the ashes, like the phoenix.  I feel good about that, no matter what else happens or has
 happened.  Here are a few of my pages with the Phoenix.

Friday, April 12, 2013

OTBDS, My Secret Garden

Who doesn't love secrets...can you keep it...will you give it away...SHHHHHH!!!  Three pages created with Outside the Box Design Studio's newest page kit, a wonderful potpourri of papers and accents just waiting to be put together in YOUR own style.  Frankly, I don't know what my style is exactly, love working with color, or putting together some kind of story, sometimes I just gather a bunch of my faves from a new kit and move them around till I like the result.  Sometimes I actually have an idea of what I'm going to do...go figure.  So here are my 3 designs for this kit from Amanda and OTBDS, My Secret Garden.  

Let your secrets flow...

My Kira tree

They'll never tell!

So, what's on this blog and why call it La Maison de Fifi...

For those who may come across this blog, there will be a lot of art pages done by me, some for designers for whom I create pages featuring their latest creative kits, that means I am a CT member, part of a creative team.  It's always fun to see what one can do with new kits and different styles!  A challenge so to speak.  I am on 7 can be a bit daunting at times, but enervating at the same time.  My designing divas are all wondrous women with amazing talent.  

You may also run across some of my favorite pages featuring family, friends, vacations, whatever!  Possibly a bit of art journaling, 'cause my digiscrapartisty helps me with all the ups and downs of this evolving world.  

And what is this French thing???  Well, i've always been something of a Francophile, especially after becoming a bona fide French teacher.  And...there is a bit of a French connection through Napoleon and Josephine and later on the Frenchman who became a Swedish king, Carl Gustave XVI.  But that's a different story.  I've been to France twice, Paris, the chateau country and Nice on the Mediterranean.
Both were delightful trips, oh so many fabulous memories and fine "Kodak" moments!  People say the French are not friendly, but I found very little evidence of that, maybe because I tried my best to use my French.  So anyway, voila La Maison de Fifi.  

Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Download button for A Bride's Attic Blogtrain

New page from The Bride's Attic
from Outside the BoxDesign Studio
and the Artistic Alliance, 
available only at the OTBDS Shoppe,

Entitled SEE because I fell in love with the wonderful background paper
and the sweet little doll...and then there's the eyes, totally

Friday, April 5, 2013

Here are a couple page LOs I did recently using The Bride's Attic.  The first is just something pretty, but the quote is just fantastic and so perfect for me and my DH of almost 47, yes, 47 years, OMG!!!

This second one reminds me of life, that chair struggling to maintain composure
as your life goes from wedding to living in general, sometimes like a monkey
on a swing, which way will life go next...however it goes
just remember to do your best and carry on, happy or sad,  it's YOUR life!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Testing testing

This blog is a work in progress. Here you will see my terrific talent in creating digital art pages, and maybe some more about me and my life...hmmm, I don't know about terrific talent, but many thanks to the lovely Amanda for her kind words and help setting this up!

If you look below you will see an absolutely "ab fab" mega kit, The Bride's Attic,  Seven Designers teamed up to create The Bride's Attic Artistic Alliance Collab Kit available exclusively at the Outside The Box Design Studio Shoppe, and The Bride's Attic Artistic Alliance Blog Train loaded with extra yummy goodies!  

This is a real learning experience for me, we'll soon see if an "old dog" can learn new tricks, kind of
scary!  My extra for the blog train is a set of 6 freeform borders colored to match 6 of The Bride's Attic
palette colors.  Here is the link:  Hope you enjoy them!